This prize is awarded to the best presentation by a Trainee (e.g. PhD student or postdoc) at an ISHAS meeting (value: $1,000). The prize was set up in 2017 to honor the memory of Dr. Mark Lauer, after his untimely death, with funds provided by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, USA. The prize, initially administered by ISHAS, was adopted as a full ISHAS award in 2020.

Past Award Recipients:

  • 2021 - Taasin Srivastava (OHSU, USA)
  • 2019
    • Filipe Rivas Duarte (Wake Forrest University, USA) [Prize jointly awarded]
    • Jennifer Rowley (Northwestern University, USA) [Prize jointly awarded]
  • 2017 - Aravind Sivakumar (Cornell University, USA)

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