This Award was established in 2003 and honors those who have made a significant contribution to the hyaluronan field in applied, basic or clinical sciences. It was called the Rooster Prize because, at that time, extremely pure hyaluronan molecules with very high average molecular weight for therapeutic use could be prepared only from rooster combs.

Past Award Recipients:

  • 2021 - Vincent C. Hascall to acknowledge his work over more than five decades on the biology of hyaluronan 
  • 2019 - Thomas N. Wight to acknowledge his work on the hyaluronan-binding proteoglycan versican and inflammation
  • 2017 - Raija and Markku Tammi to acknowledge their novel contributions to understanding the role of hyaluronan in cell physiology and pathology
  • 2015 - Gregory Frost to acknowledge his work on the development of hyaluronidase for therapeutic applications
  • 2013 - Tracey Brown to acknowledge her work using hyaluronan to enhance cancer therapies
  • 2010 - Glenn Prestwich to acknowledge his work on the development of chemically derivatized hyaluronan for therapeutic uses
  • 2007 - Paul DeAngelis to acknowledge his work on the development of synthetic hyaluronan
  • 2003 - Torvard C. Laurent for his significant contribution to the therapeutic use of hyaluronan

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