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Hyaluronan 2017, the 11th International Conference on Hyaluronan, was a huge success.   The event was sponsored by ISHAS in conjunction with the Cleveland Clinic.  It was held on June 11-15, 2017 at the conference center at the InterContinental Hotel, on the Cleveland Clinic campus in Cleveland, Ohio.

The conference honored the SCIENTIFIC CONTRIBUTIONS OFRAIJA AND MARKKU TAMMI, for their discoveries on the pathological regulation of hyaluronan metabolism, especially pertaining to cancer development.

The Conference consisted of 10 sessions; view "Book of Abstracts" below.

A special Tribute was created for Endre A. Balasz, M.D. (Bandi).   Download or view PDF here .

An excursion included a fun boat cruise on Lake Erie and down the Cuyahoga River.  View photo gallery below.


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